WOW. Two years? Really?

I’ve been gone for a while from FRESH HAPPINESS, huh? I see that my last post was in January 2012! Why is this?

Well, I’ve been writing books, mostly. I also have a writing website,  so I have been keeping up with that one a little bit more consistently (not really.) The biggest change in my life is that I am no longer a classroom teacher…instead, I’m a high school librarian, which is possibly the best job on the planet.

I get to be around books all day long. I can read any book I want. I can buy books for kids. I am always very busy, so it’s not like I sit around reading or hanging out all day, but I do get to work with words and literature, and graphic novels, and teenagers who love to read as much as I do. In what other job would you get to do the following:  1) teach kids to write and sing blues songs  2) have a discussion about Write Bloody poets, specifically Andrea Gibson, and then make a kid ecstatic by hooking her up with a chance to SEE Andrea Gibson 3) have long discussions about the merits of parallel universes   4) find fans as rabid about Sherlock and Doctor Who as I am   5) have kids arguing over who gets to check out my book OUT next   6) have a mob of kids standing outside the library, angry that I have to close it for fifteen minutes so I can scarf down some food. Seriously, sometimes I have to be a bouncer because the place can’t hold everybody who wants to come in. How great is that?

In other news, I’m writing a lot more. This job lends itself to inspiration and creativity in ways that teaching did not. I am 120 pages into my next book, and 50 pages into a new YA book. So, all is great. Hope your life is going well too. I hope to be back here more often…no, I WILL be back here more often.


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