The Great Silence

Hey…so I posted that excerpt from OUT in my previous post, and saw that a lot of people looked at it but only a couple posted comments. I wondered…were people confused? Too busy to comment? Disgusted? Dismayed? Didn’t like it but too afraid to say so? Didn’t want to hurt my feelings? Freaked out? I’m just kind of curious…whatever feedback you have, I will not take it as an affront, I promise. And if it’s confusing because there isn’t enough backstory, let me know. Within the context of the novel itself, I think it’s very clear, but in isolation, it may be disorienting. So, talk to me! (PS>>thanks to Jon, Sam, and Laura B. for their comments. And no guilt if you other peeps were too busy…I just want to identify any issues.)


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  1. Susan
    Feb 22, 2011 @ 03:35:52

    Sorry! I didn’t have time to comment when I read it, and I figured I didn’t actually have anything interesting to say… but I’m certainly glad to tell you my reaction. Actually, I liked it a lot! Yes, it was really different (made me think of Ursula LeGuin’s stories of vastly different cultures, which was a great association) – what a wonderful way to address issues of such social importance – a really interesting approach! It was well written and engaging – definitely made me want to read more.


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