Workin’ in LA

So, I’m here in LA with my oldest son, Austin. He’s pursuing his dream: auditioning for five performing arts colleges. The hallways of the Westin Hotel (not where we’re staying…we’re at the Travelodge, of course!) are crammed with young, talented people, all nervous, all bristling with energy, all artists going after what they want.

I’m in the hotel madly working on OUT when I’m not coaching Austin or helping him calm his nerves. I looked at this weekend as an opportunity to get away and to work as well as a time to help him go after his dream. I’m feeling very confident about the direction of the book. I have hacked off about half of what I had, which was going in the absolute wrong direction, and that is always tough. No writer likes to see whole pages go out of the window: after all, you spent a lot of time crafting those words! But go they must, sometimes.

The new version of OUT is right. It feels right. I feel like I’ve finally found the rhythm and heart of the story, and it was very tough for me to find it. OUT is essentially an alternative universe, so details must be consistent and correct, but it’s also a love story and a story of hope overcoming fear. It’s about a teenager pursuing his dream, the thing he knows will make him happy, even if it comes at great risk.

I’m not writing much more here right now because I want to get back to the book, but I wanted to say thanks and much love to all my friends who read this blog and who have supported my own artistic endeavors over the years.

I hope Chris Bryant, my main charater, and I, and Austin, and all the other dreaming teens, are granted buckets full of happiness.


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  1. Jon ( know who!)
    Feb 13, 2011 @ 19:08:00

    You deserve oil tankers of happiness, sugar! I can’t wait to read the final product.


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