Like Being in Love

I wrote last on my novel OUT on November 28. Since then, I haven’t touched it because of holidays, kids, school, grading, blah blah blah. I visited with my best old friend Jon (he’s not old, just the longest-running friend I have) and we talked a lot about writing and life. He told me that my new beginning for OUT was so much better than the old one, which I felt too.

Tonight I was eager to get back to the book, and I read what I’d written previously, hoping for a little taste of inspiration or maybe just a “well, that doesn’t suck.” Instead, I read something that I didn’t even remember writing. It felt so real and so raw to me that it seemed as if someone else penned the story. I was sucked up in it, feeling sad and proud and desperate and confused, just like my character was feeling. And when I finished reading what I had written, I was bitterly disappointed. Why hadn’t I written more? I didn’t want it to end!

And that was like being in love. Thanks, Jon. It was lovely to see you, and I can’t wait to show you this book, one I know I will be proud of.


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